SizeGenetics reviews: Everything About Caribbean Medical Schools?

All Caribbean medical schools have proper accreditation and every year thousands of great physicians graduate from such institutes. Almost all students who graduate from Caribbean medical schools are native Americans and come back to the United States of America to obtain professional experience in the medical field. These students witness the fact that medical schools in the Caribbean graduate really professional doctors of medicine.

In fact, Caribbean medical schools have many advantages above some medical schools situated in the United States of America. So, such schools may be a proliferous choice and an excellent option and an excellent alternative to American medical schools. First of all, Caribbean medical schools are much cheaper in cost. Price for the studying is usually lower. Students from the United States of America may live on the territory of the institute's campus. The second advantage of Caribbean medical schools consists in the fact that admission process is much quicker and easier than in schools of the United States of America. Thus, a person willing to study has much more chances to be accepted into the institute of the Caribbean than in the US medical schools. The Dermend medical schools in the Caribbean usually teach students in the English language during lectures and seminars. So, American students won't have any problems with the language.

Another difference between American and Caribbean medical schools consists in the fact that while medical schools in the United States of America have only one deadline for students' admission, the Caribbean medical schools generally suggest three application periods during a year. Thus, a students receives an excellent opportunity to start studying in Caribbean medical school any time of the year, while in the United States of America one has the right to start studying only once a year. It has to be said that the Caribbean has three medical schools which are really worth your attention and investigation. These schools are: Sava School of Medicine, Ross School of Medicine, and the St. George University.

So, Caribbean medical schools suggest many advantages to their students, nevertheless, there is nothing perfect in the world. Some disadvantages may be faced while studying in a medical school in the Caribbean. First of all, a significant sum of money is needed to pay for travelling to the Caribbean. As far as it is known the cost for travelling is rather high nowadays. Secondly, a foreign student will have to get used to a different culture. Some people who have lived in a completely different culture may have the so called cultural shock at first. However, this mostly concerns foreigners from far away, it is much easier for American students to get used to new conditions of life as well as to people surrounding you. The third disadvantage about the Caribbean medical schools is that the process of receiving clinical experience and housing requires much time and effort. In addition, the Caribbean medical schools suggest a bit weaker system of education than American schools do. The number of available educational programs is limited. A student who studies in a medical school situated in the Caribbean may be suggested to come back to continue studying in another medical school in the United States of America, however, it is a rather difficult process. Every situation should be attentively studied. If a student decides to come back for studying to the United States of America he or she will be required to take the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the USMLE tests.

One more disadvantage of many Caribbean medical schools do not have proper accreditation. Accreditation is extremely important especially for students who are going to continue studying in a foreign medical school. It is highly recommended to check up whether the school you are considering has a proper accreditation. A student who has studied in a medical school without accreditation won't be accepted in a medical school in the United States of America or Canada.

Summing up, it would be necessary to say that Caribbean medical schools suggest a great professional opportunity for American medical students. The final decision is the business of every person. There are a lot of students who have graduated from medical schools situated in the Caribbean and have built very successful medical careers. This is up to you to decide where it is better and more suitable to receive a medical education.